Roger Chetelat


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Images from the
 C. M. Rick Symposium


Sept. 27-28, 2002
University of California

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Paul Bosland

Bikram Gill


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A symposium honoring the contributions of Dr. Charles M. Rick was held recently at UC-Davis.
The speakers, who included former students, postdocs, and associates of Dr. Rick,
provided a unique blend of science, story telling, and personal testimony to his influence.
For those who couldn't attend the meeting,
we've posted a few pictures taken by Carlos Quiros and Paul Herzmark.

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Robert Bowman



Gurdev Khush


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Miguel Holle



John Rick

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Jiming Jiang

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Carole Meredith

Mel Green


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Steve Tanksley


John Yoder


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Scot Jackson

Carlos Quiros











Reception at Charlie Rick's house

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